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Procrastination – the Pros and Cons

How many times have you stayed up frantically trying to finish one project or another, just because you did not start earlier? For most people, the answer would be that procrastination is their pal. I am sure that we have heard that procrastination has many disadvantages, far too many to count. But is that true?

First off, why do we procrastinate? The answers are various, but each one is quite simple. It could be that we forgot about it, found the assignment boring, just didn’t have enough time to do the project, or even that we have just gotten used to this process of putting off the projects. The major cons of procrastination are that we easily get into the habit of postponing major projects. This means that we don’t plan out the work, and thus produce work of lesser quality. Since the work is of lesser quality, the grades we get will be lower. If you want to do well in class, you have to spend much more time trying to improve your grade point average. Overall, this means that your focus would shift from the practical sense doing well on the assignment, and understanding the necessary materials for each test to simply the pure ideological sense of getting better grades. Every time this happens, plans will backfire, and one will do worse. For now, I end the seemingly never ending flow of cons for procrastination.

Now shifting the focus to the pros of procrastination, the first question to raise is, are there any pros? Procrastination can mean that day you spent having the time of your life. It could mean that you did many other things that you wanted to do. Maybe you went on a vacation? Or slept in? Who knows what one can do with this time. Procrastination could lead to better ideas as you think of possible ideas to use so that you eventually finish a better project. Some people claim to work better under pressure. This might be true for you as well. If you think about the time that you have to do a project when you procrastinate, one can argue that you spend much less time on the project when you procrastinate, and that it saves time. All of these arguments can be derived from pure logic, but this does not mean that youshould or should not procrastinate.

There can never be only pros or only cons for something. One can always find contrasting opinions on every topic. It is also important to note that I am not supporting either side, but I am presenting both cases. Neither am I encouraging anyone to begin to procrastinate. As is evident, procrastination can have advantages as well as disadvantages, but it all comes down to this: everything is a choice. It is up to you to decide what to do.