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On October 2 at 8:30 PM, if you came to school, you would hear some awesome music coming from through the windows. Where was the music coming from? Obviously the performers: Three Men and a Melody, Ali Goronsky, and Rearview. They were all performing at a benefit concert that was held by Key Club. The money made from the concert was to help save babies’ lives. There were raffles and  lots of food. They all smelled so good (especially the popcorn, which spread all over the LaFollette Dining Hall) and they looked amazing too. Sadly, I didn’t bring any money. Mental note, always bring money with you to events! But what I was surprised about was how few people came to the concert. How do you not want to fill your ears with beautiful music? The first act was Three Men and a Melody. Not only were their voices on point, their comedic mini skits were also hilarious. The next act was Ali Goronsky and I was blown away. Her soft singing voice almost put me to sleep and I’m not kidding. And her guitar skills? I wish for them every night…they don’t come true though. The last, but way certainly not least was Rearview. I was really looking forward to them and was a little saddened due to the fact that the bassist, Herby Knight, wasn’t able to make it. I was still blown away though because the lead guitarist and vocalist, Demos Efstathiou and the drummer, Jordan Demarest, performed with energy and enthusiasm. To be honest, I tried to act like a professional photographer and a mature upperclassmen, but that was all scrapped when Rearview started to perform. I put down my camera and just started low-key headbanging. It was all very fun and by the end of night, I was so happy that I went to the concert. Special thanks to Mr. Thomas, Jake Santaniello, and Tyler McLaughlin who made sure all the performances ran smoothly.