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An interview of Lynn Terry, and alumni of Shaker High School. Conducted over Google Docs.


Hi! It must feel weird talking about Shaker High School a year into college!

Lukas, I’m a junior, and I just finished my Bingo game. I’ve visited a few times since I left for college. This is an odd request, dude.


I need something to submit to the newspaper.

Okay. Yeah. Well. Why are you writing for the paper?


As a staff member (Chief Technical Editor), I’m required to submit at least one article per issue. The deadline snuck up on me this time.



Did you ever buy school lunch?

I tried not to, but I had to. I was too lazy to make myself lunch!


On a scale from “all right” to “pretty good”, how would you rate it?

It was rough at times. Ugh. But that’s because I don’t eat meat anymore, so looking back, it was really bad. Save the animals!


How is college life compared to high school?

It’s harder and easier at the same time. We have more free time in the day, but you have to teach yourself more. It’s that kind of thing. But it’s fun, and you become friends with everyone so quickly.


You go to Marist College, right? On a scale from “Boy, I am prepared only with my street knowledge” to “At the present, I am in a stable position both socially and financially”, how well do you think, in retrospect, Shaker High School prepared you for the real world?

I mean, Shaker prepared me. I go to Marist. AP Chemistry, although I failed it miserably, actually really prepared me for gen Chem. So, thank you, Mrs. Kimbrough and Mr. Weiss, I now tutor the subject and TA the labs!


Favorite Teacher?

So many! Mr. Austin, Mrs. Topian, Mrs. Kimbrough, to name a few. There’s so many.


What’s your favorite High School memory?

Standing in the courtyard during mid-morning. I am tutoring right now so make this quick Lukas lol. I liked taking with my friends there.


Have you picked up a recent issue of the Bison?

Obviously. I walk through Shaker every week. Duh. It looks so good. Please send me this issue.