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Rubber Soles

        No, this is not propaganda for the Track Team (even though we’re running low on distance runners, so if you’re good at long distance hit me up or hit up one of the coaches for the deets). But, I know what you’re thinking. You probably rolled your eyes thinking “I’m not going to move, it’s too much work. Next article.” But, hear me out good madam or sir. Let me try to convince you why you should run, not necessarily for a team but for yourself. Everyone knows running is healthy. Endorphins. That feeling you have after a great workout is wonderful. In particular, I enjoy the experience of watching myself improve. When I notice that I am able to hold a plank longer, get my leg up higher, or balance in a challenging position I am more readily able to measure my progress.

It affects all sports. Many people measure progress differently. For some it’s in how much weight they can lift, others in how fast they can swim for a certain period of time. Let’s start listing more benefits off rapid fire. You can do it anywhere. You will sleep better.  You will increase lung capacity. Increase stamina. Get a great butt. Live Longer. You get to eat more. All physical affiliations aside, running also improves how you think. It improves self-esteem. When you run through a workout, you’re pushing yourself to a brink where your body is telling you no but your mind is telling you yes. It’s also the ultimate stress reliever. If you’re having a bad day and feeling really unable to “shut your brain off”, take a really hard and long run. Tire yourself out to the point where all of those thoughts fade away, think only about how good finishing the run will feel. Have confidence during every run that you can and will reach your goal, regardless of how crappy you feel in the beginning. I’ve had tons of runs where the first ten minutes made me feel like I was gonna die. However, I know now that it means nothing. I often feel awesome by the last 45 minutes.You have to train your mind to forget that your running. Once you can reach a sort of zen-spaced out state of being, it hardly seems like you’re running. I know that I won’t always be able to run like this. It’s a blessing. I’ll look back at these days when I’m 80 and wish I could get outside and run like that. I love running not only because it’s healthy (duh) but because of it’s way of changing how you endure through things. You reach a zen like state where you can take anything that’s coming at you.

So maybe next time there’s a nice sunny day and you have no Netflix shows to binge, try going out for a jog. If you like it, remember- we’re running low on distance runners, so if you’re good at long distance contact me or the coaches for more information.