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Evolution of Soccer

The International Federation of Association Football considers soccer the oldest team sport, for which there is scientific and archaeological evidence. Soccer was originally called cuju,a simple lower body exercise that involved the kicking of a medium sized ball in the Greek and Chinese armies. Similar games occurred in Japan, aboriginal Australia, South America, and other regions, but it involved more handling than kicking the ball. The first modern sport of soccer occurred in Britain during the early 19th century. The first rules of soccer were drawn up at Cambridge University in 1848. Subsequently, soccer clubs and teams were set up around England that included players from various colleges and universities. In 1913, FIFA was formed as the highest international governing body of soccer. FIFA is responsible for organizing highly publicized and lucrative tournaments, such as The World Cup that occurs every 4 years. Soccer today has the highest global sports audience, billions of people, and the sport generates billions of dollars of revenue from games, tournaments, products, etc. Unlike American football, which requires tons of equipment from helmets to shoulder pads, soccer is cheap and does not require any equipment other than a ball. This is why it is played by every social class everywhere in the world, from the upper class elite of Europe to the destitute villagers of South America. Together with its simplistic and felicitous nature, it has inspired passion in multitude of people. This universal sport will continue to shape our modern world and transform the lives of millions.