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World’s Tallest Man and Smallest Woman Meet in Egypt

    Back in January, on the 27th, an event took place at the Great Pyramids in Egypt that was quite an interesting sight. Sultan Kösen, the 35-year old who holds the record for being the tallest man alive, and Jyoti Amge, the 24-year old who is on the opposite end of that spectrum being the smallest woman alive, both met in Egypt at the Great Pyramids for a photoshoot. This occasion was organized by the Egyptian Culture and Tourism Ministry, in order to promote further tourism to Egypt.

    Sultan, measuring to be eight feet and three inches tall, spent the day visiting the sites in Egypt and meeting awestruck observers and tourists with Jyoti, who stands at only two feet and one inch tall. Sultan is quoted as saying, “I really enjoyed this trip; I saw the pyramids and the Nile and I wish everyone had the opportunity to visit Egypt, to see the Nile and the pyramids and everything I saw. Egypt is a wonderful country”. Meanwhile, Jyoti exclaimed, “I only saw Egypt on Google and it was one of my dreams to see the pyramids. I’m extremely happy to stand in front of the pyramids and be photographed next to them; I can’t believe it. I love Egypt!”.

    Their visit to Egypt is one of many events that have been planned by the Egyptian Culture and Tourism Ministry, as other celebrities and figures have come to Egypt as well in hopes of raising their tourism rates. Tourism is an essential part of Egypt’s economy, and it has been struggling quite a bit, with visitor rates dropping from 14.7 million in 2010 (at its peak) to 9.8 million in 2011, just one year afterward. In 2011, the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak who had been in power for nearly thirty years was forced out of rule with accusations of involvement in the killing of anti-government protesters. This was most likely a major cause for the sharp decline of tourism to Egypt, as it was in an unstable condition at that point in time. In October 2015, another blow to their tourism industry struck after a bomb attack that killed a plane full of passengers.

    The Egyptian Culture and Tourism Ministry also stated that the two would be visiting numerous other tourism sites to see over the next few days, such as the Cairo Tower, the Egyptian Museum, and Tahrir Square.