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The iPhone 6s: An Upgrade to an Already Great Phone

Apple has finally released the iPhone 6s, and it has surpassed the expectations of many. With 3D touch, this smartphone’s screen reacts differently to different finger pressures. To activate this feature, one must press lightly and then add more force. This 3D touch is helpful in many ways. For example, if one wants to take a picture, one can simply apply the 3D touch to the camera app button, and then avoid the hassle of waiting for the app to open and switching camera sides.

Yet another feature of this phone is “Live Photo”. For every photo one takes, the iPhone will record a small video (1.5 seconds before and after the picture) at the time the photo is taken. The photo will still be a photo, but when 3D touch is applied, one can see a brief clip of what was happening during the time the photo was taken. Personally, I find this feature interesting, but unnecessary. It will use up a majority of the phone’s memory. However, there is an option to take regular photos in the camera app.

Physically, Apple has made improvements in the iPhone camera, and it has also added rose gold to the assortment of iPhone colors. The back of the Phone is made of an aluminum alloy, which Apple claims is the strongest material it has ever used on a phone. The glass on the screen is also the strongest glass it has ever used. However, there are already pictures online of cracked iPhone 6s’s, so I am guessing the material used is still not strong enough.

The 6s is 70% faster than the iPhone 6 due to improvements in the A9 chip. As an owner of the 6s, it is very noticeable how much quicker the new phone reads fingerprints when compared to the iPhone 6. The improvements in the chip have also resulted in better, richer graphics.

The last feature of this phone is “Hey Siri”. Siri is always listening for these activation words, and once they are said, Siri will immediately turn on, regardless of whether the phone is on or off.

I think that this phone is pretty similar to the iPhone 6, with the exception of a few features. Most of the added features are unnecessary, and I don’t think I will be using them often. The phone is also pretty pricey, ranging from $699 to $749. Personally, I think that if you are looking to get a new phone, the iPhone 6 is a better deal. However, if you like the added features, buy the iPhone 6s, because it will blow your mind with its technological advancements.