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The Election

Politics has a reputation of being boring. We all keep up with the news to some extent, but especially as high school students, politics are usually not our topic of daily conversations, or our topic of interest during leisure time. In fact, many of us may not have even known much, or had much interest about what is happening with our government.

This Trump vs. Hillary election is different, though. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but never has our country been more divided over a presidential election as with this one. Never has the presidential campaign been more controversial. With such a commotion coming from both sides, it is almost impossible to ignore. Nor should it be ignored.

It is true that social media has played a large role in amplifying the divisive forces at work. Just scroll a few seconds through Facebook or Twitter, and you’re bound to see a post relating to the election, most likely a video about the latest Trump or Hillary scandal. Click on the comment sections of such posts, and you’re sure to find a massive, violent debate between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters, no doubt with some insults being passed around. With such high stakes, controversial candidates, and such stimulated public opinion, the angry passion with which people debate comes as no big surprise.

This division in our society is unfortunate, but necessary. It is the power of democracy in its rawest form. With such unpopular candidates and the country on the eve of a much anticipated, and no doubt very impactful decision, it is important that the public is hashing out the argument now. More importantly, it is crucial that more citizens are being convinced to vote, whether out of hate for the enemy or love for their champion. The lack of voters in presidential elections has recently been a problem in our country, and there may have been no greater way to convince people to make their voices heard than with this exciting election.

So if politics has never really interested you, or you never really cared, now is the time to get involved. You are currently a part of a historical election. Not only is it easier to find coverage on the election over all sorts of media than ever before, but that coverage has never been so captivating, whether through awe or incredulousness. You’ll even find plenty of comedic discussions about the campaign on TV. Create your own opinion, find out others’ opinions, and if you can, vote.