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State of “the Union”?

    While some may have turned their ears away from Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 30, the speech has brought into the spotlight Melania Trump, who’s been wavering in the headlines lately for her different behavior. What’s really been the talk of news reporters is the state of the union between Mr. and Mrs. Trump. After some serious allegations regarding Donald Trump’s behavior, Melania has laid low and there is some speculation of where she will head as First Lady.

    First off, Melania showed up to the venue of her husband’s speech without her husband by her side. Her separate entrance was deemed unconventional, but I applaud her independence. The White House pair had not been seen together since New Years by the time of the State of the Union. Both Barack and Michelle Obama and George and Laura Bush always rode together to the State of the Union speeches for the entirety of their administrations.

    Secondly, she channeled Hillary Clinton while wearing a classic all-white pantsuit causing pantsuit aficionados to cheer. White-the color of suffragettes, suggesting a feminist ulterior motive. A first lady’s agenda can never be guessed. Her support of her husband and simultaneous support of a feminist agenda like Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump, causes confusion.

    In addition to her surprising behavior at the State of the Union address, she recently followed Barack Obama on Twitter, the former president who was the victim of Donald Trump’s unkind words during and after Obama’s presidency including accusations about his place of birth. She only follows five accounts on Twitter, and it just so happens that Barack Obama is one of them, catching talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s attention, who has gained a reputation for his dislike of Donald Trump. It’s more peculiar that she doesn’t follow all of the Trump family.

    While I don’t believe in scrutinizing every detail of a person’s life, it’s worth taking note the recent boundary Melania has put between her and Donald Trump. I’m in full support of independent first ladies who pave their own paths during their times at the White House and do good for the country through independent service projects. While we are concerned with the state of our union, the sparked curiosities of the news wonder “what’s the state of your union?” as the spotlight makes Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s foreheads shine.