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Catwalk for a Cause

The holiday season not only brings festive lights, red Starbucks cups, and the smell of gingerbread, but also the spirit of giving. Every year, Shaker student government organizes the fashion show, “Catwalk for a Cause”, to raise money for a different cause each year. This year, over $2,000 was raised for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. As a member of student government and a model in Catwalk, I was able to obtain a firsthand experience of how the event was organized and all the hard work that happened behind the scenes, weeks before the actual event.

Right after deciding which cause we would give to this year, we moved our focus to finding stores that would support this event, either by lending us clothes and accessories for models to wear, or by donating food and drinks to sell at the bake sale during the show. Finding stores that were willing to lend us clothes was probably the most challenging aspect. We called and visited many stores, from small prom and bridal boutiques, to big chain stores like Forever 21 and Old Navy, hoping that they would agree to lend us a helping hand.The dedicated members of student government devoted their time to stop by the mall or make phone calls almost every day. We smiled as we received many positive responses and continued to keep trying other stores when one couldn’t help us.

After we finally obtained all the clothing, we needed designers to come up with themes and outfits, and models to showcase them. Each designer had to compile a theme for the three different parts of the show: casual, formal, and couture. In addition to these three sections of the show, we also had an international segment where people could showcase the culture of a country though their attire. Groups of people came to us, wanting to model together with their friends, but we also received many individual models as well. Groups of models were assigned to designers, who were assigned a specific store. Student government was very content with such a great level of enthusiasm. In the end, over 100 eager student models decided to participate.

For the first time, this year we added a junior model section where kids between the ages of 5-11 could model. Smiles spread throughout the audience during this section as the kids showed off oversized holiday sweaters, along with their favorite outfits.

Both as a model and a member of student government, I am very gratefulthat I had the opportunity to participate in this event, while also being able to support such a meaningful cause. As always, everyone is always welcome to partake in this event in 2016 and experience this fashion show firsthand, like I was able to.