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Peaceful Trump Protest


On Saturday, November 18 I attended a Trump protest in downtown Albany. I was amazed at the large group of people that were gathered at the park there that day and thought I would ask them some questions. I first spoke with Trisha Zigrosser, an art teacher at Guilderland High school. I asked Trisha what inspired her to attend the protest and she responded that she was “disappointed and shocked in Trump’s hate speech and [his] denial of serious environmental issues”. She argued that, “each person should stand up for what they believe is right” and to “empathize with groups being marginalized.”

I then saw a table full of food and hot coffee set up for the protesters to take for free. Adam Baldwin, an activist for quite a while, told me that the table was set up by an organization called “Food Not Bombs”. This organization is located at the Social Justice Center in Albany and provides free community meals every Monday from 5-7pm. When asked if he thought the protests around the country would create change, he responded, “protests alone won’t make a change but [they] send a message loud and clear that we are taking a stand against Trump’s policies and anyone who hurts vulnerable communities”. He continued to say that “without immigrants Trump would have no wives”.

Both Adam and Trisha are just two of the many citizens brought together that day to inspire change and stand up for what they believe in. Through the use of peaceful protests, we can all send our own message “loud and clear”.

To donate to Food Not Bombs, you can go to 33 Central Avenue, Albany or call/text (518) 478-6152 for more information.