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Password Changes in School Computers

You may have had issues logging in with your password on the school’s computers. Your password has changed, and the main reason the school changed your password is due to the idea of continuity. The IT department doesn’t want to make you remember crazy numbers for specific tasks you do around the school. To make the continuity of our passwords flow from our school accounts into our new Google accounts, they made them the same. This change affects how everyone will sign in to computers here at school.

Over the past few years, the IT department has been moving more into the digital world with Google apps such as Google Docs or Google Drive. This transition adds continuity to how our students complete and work on assignments. Together, from home, or at school, Google accounts let our students work in a variety of situations, rather than limiting them to working at school as its server does.

Mrs. Sisk, a member of the IT specialists team said, “Previously, students would do work they saved on the network, but the students couldn’t access it from home, and sometimes they forgot their flash-drives. Their work was kind of left at school.” She added, “With the Google accounts, students can access their work anywhere they are as long as they have an internet connection.”

Mrs. Sisk is also a business teacher. She has integrated new Google features like Google Apps for Education into her classes. Her classes are 75% paper-free, meaning she uses technology for most assignments. Her students are able to turn assignments in via Google Classroom, and she is able to grade these assignments without having them physically in her hands. Using these new Google accounts, Mrs. Sisk is able to immerse her class into this new system. She also gave a presentation to teach her students their passwords and how to sign-in to their new accounts.

Although in most homerooms students were given a slip that updated them on their account details, many, if not all of the students, already knew what the problem was. The system of notifying the students was a bit too late for it to be beneficial to them.

Emily El Younsi commented, “I have had problems signing in to my school account, but Mrs. Wetherbee notified me how to log in, but most people didn’t know about it.”

Emily was trying to log in to her school account, but she was never notified about the password changes. Mrs. Wetherbee, one of the librarians here at Shaker, guided her in the process of signing in. There are a lot more people who have had issues with their account just because they weren’t properly notified.

The first week of school we were unaware of the new changes associated with our school accounts. First, we all have Google accounts. Second, the reason why our passwords changed is because Google has a limitation of 8 characters needed to create your account. Now, take your password from last year—12345– as an example. This year your password is 12345000. Notice the three extra zeros added in. This is for the school to confirm that everyone has the right number of characters needed for their passwords. Although, if your password starts with a zero, you have to move that digit to the end, along with the other three zeros.

Emily adds, “Although the new change is different, I believe it could benefit teachers and students in the future.”

Mrs. Muldoon, a foreign language teacher, agrees. “It’s a great way to have students turn in assignments, and it’s a great way for teachers to give feedback throughout the project and not just at the end, or after it has been graded,” she said. “And it is also a good way for students to be able to collaborate in a project together.”

Mrs. Muldoon has used Google apps in her classroom in previous years, and was able to work with her students in real time using Google Docs while she was in Germany.

The technology we use can bring collaboration to the next level. As of right now, not many teachers and students are using the Google accounts. Some classes are starting to integrate them into their everyday learning. Soon everyone at Shaker will be using these Google accounts, but for now, whether or not you decide to immerse yourself into the world of Google will be up to you.