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Obama’s Two-Year College Proposal


On January 9th, President Barack Obama proposed a plan, which, if implemented, will allow students to go to community college for two years absolutely free. To be eligible, students must attend classes at least half-time and maintain a GPA of over 2.5.

There are definitely some positives to this plan, as more students can receive higher education without the barriers of money or racial discrimination. The plan will provide a greater skill set to more students, creating more opportunities for students to get a job without the burden of the high costs of college. This will particularly affect the lower class, who, seeing that community college is free, will attended when they may not have gone, had there been tuition fees.

Not only that, but drawing in some middle and high class students would also help solidify the need to remove the cost of community college. The only problem now is whether President Obama can make this plan affordable, as the burden of paying for community college is being shifted from low-income families to the federal government. According the, the plan will cost the federal government about $60 billion dollars over 10 years. Hopefully, despite the steep cost, the federal government will see that there is no limit to the value of a well-educated America.