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North Colonie Honors its Local Veterans

The North Colonie Central School District recently held its Annual Veterans Day Celebration at Shaker High School. It honored eight local veterans in the area. Each of these eight veterans was given the North Colonie Patriot Award for their service to America and its people. This celebration has been held by Daniel Weaver, a Shaker High School Social Studies teacher, and the World of Difference Club ever since 2002. The Shaker High School Wind Ensemble, led by Peter Suzuki, and Select Chorus, led by Karen Amedio, also got to perform for this celebration honoring the troops. This celebration also featured  “Honoring the Greatest Generation D-Day and the Battle of the Bulge,” by Frank DeSorbo, president of the D-Day Revisited Association, along with Battle of the Bulge veteran, Allan Atwell, who retold his experiences.

However, this is not the only way in which these veterans are being honored. Paul B. Aubin, a Shaker High School art teacher, had started planning for a North Colonie Veterans Memorial ever since the fall of 2010. He and other students are planning to create a timeline out of panels, showcasing the history of the United States of America and the brave people who selflessly fought for it. The current target date of completion is November 2016.

There is also Operation: North Colonie Cares, run by the World of Difference Club. They are currently collecting items to send to the Blue Star Mothers, who provide support to the military, the veterans, and military families.

At Shaker High School, there is also Club M@SH (Military Appreciation at Shaker High), which is raising awareness to support the military – past, present, and future – and getting students involved in the community. For example, they have asked students to write cards to send to veterans to thank them for their service and to show them how much they appreciate what these veterans have done for them. May this honor for the military and its service to the United States be continually remembered and celebrated for many years to come. America truly thanks you for your selfless deeds and services to this country.