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New Global Citizens

New Global Citizens is a club in Shaker that has been running for a few years now.

Mission: To inspire youth to be engaged global citizens.

New Global Citizens programs provide students with a global perspective, an opportunity to create change, and the skills needed to thrive in a global knowledge economy. Our classroom curriculum, professional development trainings, and afterschool programs empower teachers and enable students to develop skills in global competency, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, digital literacy, and leadership.

Vision: That all students in the U.S. will have the opportunity to become engaged global citizens who embrace their critical role as leaders, change agents, and advocates to solve the world’s greatest challenges.


The club every year chooses an organization to donate all of its profits to. Some years ago, it was for wells in Africa. There are many topics to choose from, such as extreme poverty and hunger, universal education, gender equality, child mortality, maternal health, epidemics, environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, armed conflict, and natural disasters.

New Global Citizens encourages the increase of awareness of global issues. Students can learn more about current events, “develop necessary skills to take action,” and increase leadership skills.

To raise money for the chosen organization or issue, New Global Citizens plan events such as Shaker’s talent show. The talent show is very fun, and many people participate in it. The profit earned from the talent show then goes to the global issue.

New Global Citizens is a fun way to raise awareness and money for global issues and also develop leadership skills!