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Lunch Changes

In the years 2014 and 2015, many schools are changing their lunch menus to healthier options due to new USDA requirements. By adding whole grain bread products and more fruits and vegetables, the issue of obesity in America, which starts in the elementary school years, will eventually be fixed.

With unhealthy options still available, there is no way to tell if students will choose the newer healthier options. “We can help create a culture… where our kids ask for healthy options instead of resisting them,” says Michelle Obama. There are many different reactions to the new lunches– one of which is resistance.

AJ Villanueva often buys school lunch and is highly disappointed with these changes. His favorite lunch choices were Mac and Cheese, pizza and cookies. “Sadly, I get school lunch because I wake up too late to make my own,” explains Villanueva. “And now I hate what they’ve done to all the choices…Especially the cookies.”

However, when interviewed, Deya Fuleihan says she likes some of the changes. “I don’t like the plain bagels. If you get a blueberry bagel, it tastes the same still.” Some changes didn’t really affect the taste at all.

The cookies have also changed. Instead of getting two cookies, students are only offered one. Not only that, but the cookies have completely changed.

“I hate the new cookies,” explains Nelson VanDenburgh. “ You don’t get the bang for your buck.” Despite complaints, students continue buying the products they claim to dislike.

The changes show the continued resistance to healthy products, despite the effect Michelle Obama intended when suggesting the healthy changes.