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Latin Club

Have you ever wondered what our school’s Latin Club does? Who organizes our

school’s badminton tournament? While there was technically no Latin Club last year due a

change in advisors, Shaker High School’s Latin Club is back this year and has high hopes

for what they plan to accomplish. Historically, Shaker’s Latin Club has hosted the

badminton tournament which is held at the end of the year around the times when the

cavottaball and dodgeball tournaments are held. Latin Club has also painted murals in

room J207 that represent ancient Roman culture, as well as taking field trips as a club to

local shows that relate to Latin culture.

This year, newly elected Latin Club president, Thomas Awad, explained that some

of their goals for this year would be to “keep allowing the Club to grow” as well as

making the Club “a place where people can come to learn [and] have a good time”. This

year, the club has decided to donate their proceeds from events such as the badminton

tournament to St. Jude, a charitable organization that helps advance research and support

families who have children with cancer.

Currently, Latin Club is a group of 20-30 students that attend meetings every

other Wednesday at 2:30PM in the Latin classroom, J207. At meetings, plans are made

for upcoming events, members eat pizza from Vintage Pizza in Latham and socialize, as

well as lecture and discussion from Shaker’s Latin teachers and advisors, Mr. Charles

Giglio, who was the New York State teacher of the year in 2015, and Ms. Edythe Malara,

who will become the school’s full time Latin teacher and program director in the upcoming

2018-2019 school year. In the most recent meeting, there was talk amongst students and

advisors of organizing a few field trips to meet with the Union College Classics

department, as well as organizing a trip to see a local show in relation to classic Roman

and Greek culture.