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iPhone 6

Apple is notorious for drawing the largest and most dedicated crowds every time they stage a product release; this is no different for the newest and most modern product yet: the iPhone 6. Apple did not sell four million preordered iPhone 6s during the first twenty-four hours by sheer luck. The company can refer to their great marketing strategy and loyal customers for their latest success. The iPhone 6 had such an overwhelming success that it even crashed their website. Yet, many may question why iPhones continue to have so much success even with the vast amount of competition they face.

The iPhone 6 has features we have never seen in an iPhone before. These features may be new to the Apple market; however, they seem rather dated compared to other competing smart phones. Some of the new features of the iPhone 6– including the larger screen, screen resolution, core processor, better camera and thin design– can be seen in the Google Nexus 5, which was released an entire year before the iPhone 6. If anything, Apple is considered to be a bit behind on the “Phablet”(Phone-Tablet) craze.  While Apple appears to be triumphing being ahead of their time, they are actually behind. Competing smart phones, the Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S5, have larger screens, pixel density and resolution, yet somehow they have not been recognized as breakthrough products. Apple iPhones make up fifty percent of all smart phones in the United States, and there are many products that make up that other half. How can it be that iPhones make up half of America’s smart phones when they are behind in their latest release, the iPhone 6? The answer is not within the phone, but within Apple customer loyalty.

Apple’s customer loyalty cannot be questioned. Through thick and thin, the company has a fan base which compares to no other. Apple products may not be the most revolutionary in the market. However, they are considered the most modern and trendy. For the same reason people may buy clothes to be in the latest trend or fashion, they buy Apple products to be looked upon as modern and mainstream. Apple’s marketing strategy wins the gold for being the best of our time. Their strategy of making “cool” products that everyone craves builds a young fan base that will remain loyal and stay with Apple’s products for their lifespan, and hopefully pass upon their desire for Apple products to their children. Apple’s success cannot solely be recognized because of being modern, but they can be credited for making great educational and leisure programs. Apple’s products may not be the best on the market, but they are the best marketed.

Now that we can see how Apple differentiates themselves from other technology companies, we can understand what Apple represents and why there is such a demand for their products.  The sleek stainless steel design of their thin and shiny devices can boost any of their users’ confidence.  The feeling of being in the “in crowd” while using their products can be seen as the root of all of their success. After all, if their success is not from the revolutionary technology they create, it must be because of the market they have. From the start of their all white earphones and iPod devices, Apple has been the envy of the technology world.