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Glorious Deeds

Within Shaker High School, many clubs are presented to the student eye, and one of those clubs goes by the name of “World of Difference.”  Run from B202, the club is headed by Mr. Weaver. The renowned lines uttered­– such as “Hammer time” and “Glorious deeds”– all come from the depths of B202. Weaver sets up events and even runs a homeroom for seniors of the club. B202 beholds many glorious deeds and within it dwells a homeroom filled with volunteers.


“The Shaker High School World of Difference Club was founded in 1999. The goal of the club is to promote issue advocacy, character, education, attributes, and community service. The club serves the school as a service organization,” said Weaver.  World of Difference was the organization which funded the Shaker Clock  (which now stands tall in the front of the school), planned the many veteran’s events, and organized more events to come. World of Difference cannot do all of these events by themselves. To achieve its goals, World of Difference teams up with many organizations for many causes such as the 9/11 Remberance at the Crossings in Colonie. This year, World of Difference worked with the Shaker Road Loudonville Fire Department, Colonie Police, Blue Star Mothers, and many more local organizations for the 9/11 Freedom walk. Large events such as the ones listed above draw many different crowds and never fail to bring a rather large smile to the people to whom they’re dedicated.


World of Difference members also run events for North Colonie, such as the Latham Ridge Fair, where they work the fair and games. This year, upcoming events include the annual Veterans Day Celebration, Barnes and Noble Book Fair, and The Veterans Honor Walk. As Mr. Weaver said, “We are working towards the goal of making the North Colonie Veterans Memorial a reality by 2016; Mr. Paul Aubin has designed and will be creating the memorial outside of the Shaker High School auditorium entrance.”


You can pick up a brochure on the different memorials, such as the Shaker Clock and The Veterans Memorial, and get more information on making donations for the club for the memorials in room B202 or by contacting Mr. Weaver. “Mr. Aubin and selected students will create a series of panels depicting the history of the United States and the contributions of the brave men and women who have selflessly served our nation. When assembled, these panels will become a sculptural timeline, allowing members of the North Colonie community a means to reflect and honor our veterans, past, present, and future,” states Weaver in the Veterans Memorial brochure.


Besides all the events and fun things World of Difference does, becoming a member is no complication. No matter who you are or how old you are, Weaver states, “You’re already in the club; you don’t have to join. The club encompasses those who will serve as community members and volunteers. It is the express intent of the club to reach out and not only make a WORLD of difference, but also a Shaker High School of Difference.”


The club meets every morning in homeroom and “If anyone is interested in the club, they may contact me in room B202 or E-Mail me at” The legacy of B202, community service, and a Shaker High School of difference all fall into the routine in World of Difference, but in the future, Weaver hopes to make his club “expand World of Difference into the Shaker Junior High School and elementary schools to insure a further legacy of the club.”