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Faculty Changes

Shaker High School has always been as a school not only defined by its students and academics, but by its faculty. Recently, there have been some rather prominent changes within the high school’s administration. Jan Zadoorian has transferred from his place as Taft Hall Principal to take the place of Mr. Mitchell at the Junior High as the Clay and Calhoun Hall Principal. Mr. Zadoorian had served as a Hall Principal for 14 years, providing light in the lives of students. He provided generous support to the students and staff under his care, and their success in their work reflects his dedication. Mr. Brian Spofford will be taking his place as the new Taft Hall Principal. Filling his old position as Lafollette Hall Principal will be the former Administrative Dean, Mrs. Crystal Fox. Coach Garrett Couture will be leaving his role as a physical education teacher to become the new Administrative Dean. Coach Dave Stadtlander will also step up to become the Assistant Director of Physical Education and Athletics.


In the past year, many teachers have also received tenure appointments. These tenure appointments, whether they are for new teachers or for staff position changes, are symbols of stable employment at the Shaker High School given to men and women who are going to influence the aura of Shaker with their work. In the high school, these teachers include: Erik Bernard (Physical Education), Jana McLaughlin (English), Crystal Fox (Administrative Dean), Eric Phillips (Supervisor of Career and Technical Education), Brian Spofford (Hall Principal), Kelly Bootier (Foreign Language), Jaimee Shipley (Business), and Brittany Slingerland (Technology). These men and women have been all recognized by Superintendent Corr and Board President Linda Harrison.


With new faculty, Shaker High School changes a little. However, it is currently unknown whether it is for the better of worse. These changes may have set in motion some stimulus that could alter the near future. On the other hand, these changes may just be another page in the history of Shaker High School, that will continue now onto forever. Nonetheless, Shaker will always be a place for bringing out the potential of their students, setting them up for college and the real world.