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By definition, cyber bullying mainly deals with hurtful things being said online; but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

Cyber bullying can sometimes be considered a “continuation” of physical bullying in real life.  Cyber bullying, as well as physical bullying, usually occur in young children, but can also continue into teenage years. Cyberbully is often the result of the actual bully being a victim. Cyberbullying sometimes takes place when the bully is being abused at home and instead of confronting their parents about it, they take it out on their peers.  They prefer do it online, so they can do it anonymously and their targets can’t figure out who is doing it to them.  This also keeps em from being caught and  getting in trouble.

I have interviewed two people on this topic:  one teacher and one student.  When interviewing the teacher, Mrs. Athens, I asked, “Why do you think people are being cyber bullied?”  Mrs. Athens replied, “The bullies are chickens.”  I asked Mrs. Athens a second question which was:  “Has anyone ever come up to you about a concern that they, or a friend, was being cyber bullied?  If yes, what was it about?”  She responded, “Yes.  It was mostly mean things about others.”

I have also interviewed a student, junior Alex Salvigno, on the same topic, but used two different questions.  The first question that I asked was:  “How can a person help prevent cyber- bullying?”  He answered, “Just don’t go on the Internet.”  The second question asked was:  “Do you think cyber bullying has increased or decreased since the invention of the Internet?  If yes, why?  If no, why not?”   Alex replied, “I think that it has stayed the same because kids grow out of it and younger kids start to do it.  And the cycle repeats itself.”  How will this end?