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Come to the Shaker Writing Center

Right in C208 lies a fantastic resource for all students at Shaker High School: The Writing Center! The Writing Center is staffed with writing consultants, students just like you and me, who have been trained to give feedback on writing and help with things like organization, structure, flow, and voice to help you create the best writing you possibly can.

Everyone is encouraged to make use of The Writing Center, no matter your skill level or where you stand in your writing process; you can come with a near-final draft or with no writing at all. The consultants will simply let you bounce ideas off of them if that’s what you need. That’s the thing– the Writing Center caters to the writer’s needs. Writing consultations are very writer-orientated. They allow the writer to be in control and really get their ideas and opinions across. Don’t let this intimidate you! The writing consultants, all of whom are kind and caring people, have been or are currently being trained in a semester-long class to ask the right questions to get the ball rolling and to get you talking about your writing. The Writing Center is a safe place free of judgment. It is not the job of the consultants to evaluate your writing– in fact, that is precisely what it is not.

As someone who has made use of the Writing Center on multiple occasions and is now a writing consultant in training, I can’t stress enough how amazing and useful The Writing Center truly is. Each time I have met with a writing consultant, I have left feeling inspired and more confident about my writing. From it, I’ve grown as a writer, and that’s really the goal— not only to make better writing, but better writers.

So come have a writing consultation during your prep or study hall! Writing consultations can be scheduled on The Writing Center’s website ( nearly any period of the day. We’d really love to see you there!