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Bye Bye Bake Sales!

Do you like the sweet, caramel filled chocolate that students have been selling around school? Well buy as much as you can, because this is the last time you will see those chocolate boxes. First Lady, Michelle Obama, passed the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids” Act in July. This bans bake sales and the distribution of sugary, chocolatey foods. Expect fruit cups instead of cookies and brownies. Expect broccoli and carrots instead of chocolates. Even the warm, soft bagels from last year are gone! This outrageous act has created an animosity between students and the First Lady.

Apart from the prohibition of chocolate, clubs will not earn as much money because no one will buy extra vegetables from school. Our school is not the place to buy groceries! Clubs will see a reduction in funding because fundraisers won’t raise money efficiently. Also, how does the First Lady have the right to prohibit the distribution of sugary items? This is our school, and we should have the right to sell what we want! If students want to buy twenty bars of chocolate, they have the right to.Individuals possess the right to control their own health, and they know what is best for their bodies. The government cannot be telling us what to feed ourselves! It is our choice!