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Are iPhones the New Samsung Galaxies?

Are iPhones becoming more and more like the Samsung Galaxies?  The new IOS8 for Apple has features similar to those of the Samsung Galaxy, let alone the fact that the new iPhone 6 looks like the Samsung Galaxy S5; the power button of the new iPhone 6 is on the right side of the phone, like the Samsung, and the sizes of the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus are also almost equivalent to that of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The IOS8 feature for the iPhones (4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 plus), iPad (2, air, mini, with Retina display), and iPod (5) was recently released on September 17th, 2014, and its features included some things that the Samsung Galaxy already had. For example, the “Quicktype” feature on the IOS8 is much like the keyboard for the Samsung Galaxy; the device memorizes the words that the person frequently types in and guesses the best word choices. The Samsung Galaxy already had that feature before the IOS8 came out. The sizes and the weights of the new iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S5 are also similar. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a depth of 8.1mm, a width of 72.5mm, a height of 142mm, and weighs 145 grams, while the iPhone 6 has a depth of 6.9mm, a width of 67mm, a height of 138.1mm, and weights 129 grams. Furthermore, the iPhone 6 Plus has a depth of 7.1mm, a width of 77.8mm, a height of 158.1mm, and weights 172 grams. The new appearance of the iPhone 6 also looks similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5. The iPhone 6 now has the power button on the right of the phone instead of having it on the top, as did previous Samsung Galaxies.

But with iPhones turning more and more into Samsung Galaxies, people are starting to prefer Samsung Galaxies because they are beginning to realize that it offers things that the IPhones has, plus more.