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Try “It” Again

“Don’t do that again!”  I whined as tears ran down my rosy cheeks.

Time after time, my cousins and sister have scared me out of my wits.  Whether it’s a pop-up on a video or jumping out from behind a dark corner, they always managed to make me cry.  Through experiencing this, I flinch at any sudden movement and tremble from any random noise.  I am no stranger to fear.

Clowns were never something that scared me; however, seeing “It” (2017) changed my perspective.  The movie starts on a stormy day with Bill (Jaeden Lieberher) building a flimsy paper boat for his little brother Georgie (Jackson Robert Scott) to race down the flooded streets.  As Georgie splashes down the street, his wobbly watercraft is taken by the steady stream into the sewer, where Georgie meets the sinister clown called “It”, sending Bill and his friends on an adventure to save him.  

After seeing “The Conjuring 2” and “Paranormal Activity,” I was used to the horror of piercing cries of ghost and spirits, but this eerie appearance was new.  Between his luminous and glassy yellow eyes, Cheshire cat-like smile, and the sharp, thin red lines connecting his eyes to his mouth,  “It” has a spine-chilling aura about him. The scene in which the young sailor meets “It” highlights the nightmarish smile and ambiance he gives off; the lighting falls on the menacing jester in a way that makes his eyes glow brighter and his smile shine more brilliantly.

Bill and his friends are very humorous in this playful thriller.  Their acting skills portray that they are genuinely friends outside of the movie.  However, between cracking jokes–very frequently about someone’s mom–and cursing like sailors, the boys have the audience chuckling, but sometimes it was too much.  There were hearty laughs, but there were also moments of silence when the entire crowd (aged from 12 to 40 years old) wasn’t amused.  The jokes the youngsters made were very crude and could be seen as offensive to certain genders or groups of people.  

Throughout the film, there were definitely a few jump scares, however, I think there could’ve been something more to add to the scare factor.  The plot wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary and even without seeing the original “It” movie (1990), one can guess what’s going to unfold.  I wish there was an unforeseen plot twist that had put the kids in jeopardy and forced them to make a split second decision.  “It” is an entertaining thriller that had a lot of potential, but needed a higher scare factor and could be less humorous.