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Summer Activities

We’ve all felt that mood in the deep heat of summer when there’s nothing to do for a while and no one’s around. However, there are some fun things that are not too far from Latham, NY that can shake up the summer routine when it gets a bit stale.

  1. Take a trip to New York City.

This is a very exciting trip that can be done many times with different activities each time. The easiest transportation options from Latham includes driving and taking a train. There plenty of areas to go to. One relaxing activity is to hang out in parks. Central Park is beautiful in the summer and there are many things to do. For example, rowboats can be rented out at The Boathouse to be rowed around the pond, which is a very unique way to spend time. In addition, there are plenty of concerts in the park in which casts of musicals perform songs from their shows. Central Park is just one place to go- there are plenty of shopping, museums, and tours in the city as well.

2.Go on a hike

There are many hikes not very far away that are gorgeous and fun. Kaaterskill Falls is an amazing hike- there are plenty of different trails for various people, and some people even swim there. Additionally, Sleeping Beauty is a thrilling hike with a view of water. The mountain is gorgeous and amazing to hike with friends or family. Hikes are a great way to have fun during the summer while getting a change of scenery.

3.Explore a new place

There are plenty of interesting towns around Latham. They could be as close as Saratoga, out in Cooperstown, or even Woodstock. Different places are great ways to find hidden gems like little bookstores, cute boutiques, or interesting museums. For example, the area around Cooperstown has a beach, the Baseball Hall of Fame, stores, and a “haunted” house. This is one of the best things about summer-making memories in places you wouldn’t normally venture.

4.Make something new

There are plenty of affordable, yet interesting things to make with various supplies. For example, a great option is to go onto Pinterest and find an interesting activity or recipe. These could require simple household items or specialty items. Either way, it’s exciting to make something that you can use!


Overall, there’s a plethora of ways to have fun even when it feels like there’s nothing to do so the summer is always exciting!