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Spirit’s Loose in Shaker

There’s something more terrifying than the PSAT’s afoot at school, and it’s closer than you think.

Shaker’s auditorium is reportedly haunted.

The first pieces of evidence for the wrath in the wings are reports, including several from adults, that the piano that is kept backstage has been known to play by itself at night: “…. I’ve been here until at least twelve at night sometimes, and the piano starts tinkling notes all by itself,” says a trusted adult source. “It’s pretty creepy.” The piano seems to play notes, or even snippets of songs, when there are few people around.  In an interesting twist, there are now two pianos on the stage, one backstage, that’s been known to play itself, and one used by the chorus. Since the second piano has been moved onstage, there have been no reports of either piano playing by itself. Could the spirit be planning a two-piano duet? Or something even more unsettling: a physical appearance?

Chilling reports tell of a “face” that has appeared in the window-like hole in the brick wall behind the right curtain of the stage. Used for rigging set pieces, it serves no other obvious purpose– for humans. For whatever may be in the auditorium, it serves as the perfect lookout. An eerie-looking spectral face has appeared to numerous people in the little window.

“I looked over,” said one source, who asked not to be named, “and I saw a face, looking back at me, and when I looked back, it was gone, even though no one could have moved that fast.”

“There’s been stuff up there, for sure,” said another. When questioned further, the source shook their head and hurried away. It could be explained as the overactive imagination of a single person, but with numerous reports of the same image, it seems unlikely that they all would have suffered the same delusion. As for the explanation that says it was someone pulling a prank: the window is at least twenty feet high, with no ledge beneath it, and no ladder has been found around it. Make of that what you will.

There are countless other reports of paranormal activity in the auditorium: lights shattering or flickering, footsteps running up the metal staircase when there’s no one there, random ropes moving by themselves, even an instance of an actor getting injured by a set piece that was originally marked safe. But perhaps the reports that stick out the most deal with a terrifyingly real event: a small creature appearing in the auditorium. According to witnesses, some sort of small, four-legged creature appeared in the auditorium and ran across the stage, terrifying all who saw it, and disappeared backstage where it has not been found to this day. Actors and crew alike seem to agree: there is something, though they are not sure what, happening backstage that is beyond our comprehension.

Here at The Bison, we bring you the best news and reports from around the building. We strive to bring you the truth, and only the truth, but even we are stumped occasionally by events beyond explanation. We must present the facts as we know them and let you, the reader, decide for yourself. So the next time you find yourself seated in the auditorium, peer around that curtain, glance into the window, and check beneath your chair.

You may be alarmed with what you find there.