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Shaker Theater

This fall Shaker High School– under the direction of Ms. Martino, a Global History teacher here at Shaker– put on the play The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. The Crucible is a beloved play read by many English classes here at Shaker about witch trials back in the 1690’s. Serving as an allegory for the Red Scare, The Crucible depicts how a group of scared kids moved a whole town to mass hysteria, killing others, figuratively and literally, with their rumors and lies. This year the Shaker Drama Department will be putting a new dystopian-like spin on this famous American play. “We were told it’s like The Giver meets The Crucible,” says Caroline Stuto who played Abigail Williams in the play. Erin Graney and Jon Bessette, who are the only two members of the cast who have preformed in the play since their freshman year, played John and Elizabeth Proctor. In past years, the Shaker Drama Department has put on plays such as Romeo and Juliet, You Can’t Take it With You, and, last year, Southern Hospitality. This year the cast is big, and everyone is excited. Some familiar senior faces we saw from past plays include Erin Graney and Jon Bessette, in their fourth year doing the play, Jocie Stuto and Karah Vanderwalker, in their third year doing the play, and Caroline Stuto, in her second year doing the play. If Erin Graney participates in the musical this year, which she plans on doing, she will be the only person in her grade who has participated in all eight of the possible plays/shows she could have done here at Shaker. Karah Vanderwalker will have done seven of the eight possible theatre productions here at Shaker. The cast and crew of this play put in hours of hard work; one time they were even sore from rehearsal! So make sure you come see this talented group of students this fall.