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Robin Williams

Many people know him as the genie in Aladdin, or one of the other well-known characters that he played. He always seemed so funny and happy, but was happiness just another character that he played?

Robin Williams died on August 11, 2014 at the age of 63 after hanging himself. People around the world were saddened and shocked by his death. How could a man who was so loved feel so alone that he’d kill himself? (What they don’t know is that some people are really good at hiding depression.)

In the past couple years, depression and suicide have reached an all-time high. It’s the 10th leading cause of death, ranking higher than Alzheimer’s and homicide. The most common way to commit suicide, as seen in the article, is by firearm. Most people think that suicide and depression are more common in teens, but it’s very common in adults and the elderly, too. When I surveyed 10 random Shaker High students, only one person chose that “yes,” it is common in adults and the elderly. Also, it’s more common in males than it is in females, which I was really surprised about. It’s because when females attempt suicide, they use less immediate approaches, so people are able to find them before it’s too late. Therefore, for every female who commits suicide there are 4 males.

In the same survey, 8 out of 10 people said that they knew someone who had suffered with depression. 5 out of those 8 said that they even knew someone who had known someone who attempted suicide. In the U.S, one person commits suicide every 13.3 seconds.

Depression can be brought on by many different things. These things include the death of a family member, recent life-threatening diagnoses, etc. Depression has nothing to do with BEING alone, but everything to do with inwardly FEELING alone. Many people who are depressed or attempt suicide are often very loved by many and have many people in their intimate circle. However, something within the person still makes them feel depressed. A lot of people also don’t seek help for depression, which can result in suicide.

Signs of suicide and depression can vary in different people. For some, it might mean completely isolating themselves from everyone. For others, it can mean being around people, but still seeming distant or depressed. If you see someone who seems depressed or seems as if he/she might or has talked about suicide, it’s important that you get him or her help immediately before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, it’s too late for Robin Williams, but hopefully this makes Americans more aware of suicide and depression. All the money in the world can’t cure it; it’s a mental disorder that must be treated.