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Ouija is one of the worst so-called horror movies ever made.

The movie starts with Lanie, played by Olivia Cooke, asking her friend to go to a party. The friend is quite obviously upset and mentions an old Ouija board; this remark, however, is ignored by Lanie as she leaves alone for the party. She comes home to news of her friend’s suicide. Lanie and her group of friends decide to try and contact their lost friend through the Ouija board.
This movie was overly predictable. If you thought about what was actually going on, you could literally guess the order in which all the friends died.
The absolute worst type of horror movie is the type that uses loud noises to scare the watchers. That was ALL there was to this movie. There were no psychological twists that confused your mind or extremely gory or scary images. The evil entity was the board and that was all there was to the movie. It did an awesome job, however, in creating a headache.
To be honest, this was a lame excuse for a scary movie. I was thoroughly disappointed, and I wasted 11 dollars.