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La La Land

During Christmas break, I went to go see La La Land: one of the best musical films I have seen thus far. La La Land depicts the romantic story of Mia, an aspiring actress, and Sebastian, an ambitious jazz pianist, who fall in love and form an extraordinary connection. However, as they both reach for their dreams with concentration and diligence, their relationship slowly crumbles as they encounter their own challenges and problems. I think writer and director Damien Chazelle, the cast, and the entire crew made La La Land one of 2016’s masterpieces. It received numerous accolades, including 7 Golden Globe wins and 14 Academy Award nominations. I expect that La La Land will win at least 10 Academy awards, including Best Picture.

Though both characters are fictional, they share one thing in common with us: they struggle to succeed. As we attempt to attain our dreams and goals we must never quit and surmount our struggles in order to reach success, and this film captures the true essence of the lesson. So, for me, this film was truly captivating and inspirational.

In addition to the acting and dancing that stimulate the audience, I really loved certain aspects of La La Land, which without them, I believe the movie wouldn’t have been as impactful as it was. The cinematography was beyond terrific. Cinematographer Linus Sandgren conveyed the atmosphere of modern day in Los Angeles to be jolly and cheerful . For example, in one particular scene, Mia and Sebastian sing “A Lovely Night” and tap-dance. Sandgren applies luminosity with warm and cold colors, excluding complete darkness and depicting the sunset. Likewise, when Mia and her roommates go to a lavish party in Hollywood and sing “Someone in the Crowd,” Sandgren applies luminosity on each of their dresses, brightening the colors red, blue, yellow, and green and conveying the beauty of Los Angeles’ contemporary clothing and fashion.

Thanks to editor Tom Cross, the film was able to share the remarkable story from exposition to resolution in about two hours-a good length, not excessively long but long enough to effectively tell the story.  Last but not least, I really loved the original score and songs. The original score in the ending was made from a combination of piano, trumpet, flute, saxophone, guitar, violin, and drums, authentic like jazz. The original songs were invigorating as the singers sang with a voice that was simply joyful. My favorite song is “Someone in the Crowd,” sung by Emma Stone, Callie Hernandez, Sonoya Mizuno & Jessica Rothe.


La La Land was one of the most unforgettable musical films that I have ever seen. It was incomparable to other famous musical films, such as Chicago and Moulin Rouge! With the cinematography, film editing, music, and the wonderful performances by each character, the film was truly amazing.