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Into the Woods

Every so often, Walt Disney Pictures releases a film that plays a modern twist on traditional fairytales. Its upcoming movie, Into the Woods, follows this analogous approach. Yet, with first glimpses of the trailer and promotional poster releasing, this film seems like a different change from the usual upbeat, cheery backdrops set in notorious Disney animated movies such as Frozen and Tangled. With the first pictures appearing for the film, the most noticeable feature was probably the overcast ominous shades of black and blue surrounding the title. It seems unusual that a production house know for its adaptation of bright-eyed princesses and a happy attitude would create a movie with such dark undertones. Nonetheless, more than surprising, this change seems intriguing.

The premise of this film seems to have a lot of potential and the star studded cast only seems to create even more excitement. Into the Woods follows the famous stories created centuries ago by the Grimm Brothers. With the addition of new twists, all our childhood fairytale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Rapunzel come together onscreen to learn about the consequences of their wishes. All this while, these characters are intertwined with the overlapping story of a Baker and his Wife who are cursed by the Witch, played by none other than Academy Award Winner Meryl Streep. Other talented actors and actresses include Anna Kendrick, Johnny Depp, Emily Blunt, and Chris Pine. Though not much information is yet released regarding this film, the preliminary advertisements are creating much enthusiasm. Walt Disney Pictures also seems to accomplish amazing costumes with their three time Oscar Costume Design winner Colleen Atwood.

The release of the new trailer and promotional pictures of Disney’s Into the Woods bring much excitement to what appears to be a new twist on the modern classical fairytales we all grew up reading. With an intended release on December 25th, Into the Woods is the perfect holiday film to go watch with family and friends.