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Book Review: Words in Deep Blue

    The novel, ‘Words in Deep Blue’, by Cath Crowley is a very inspiring book about a teenage girl, Rachel, who is trying to overcome her depression from her brother, Cal’s death. Cal wanted his sister to come with him to the beach but she wasn’t in the mood to go, so Cal went ahead alone but unfortunately drowned. This led to Rachel feeling guilty that if she did go with him, he wouldn’t have drowned. The ironic part is that he was basically a professional swimmer and was extremely interested in marine creatures. So how did Cal drown? He was in seventh grade, meaning that he was old enough to know how to properly swim and would unlikely drown. He went to that same beach every day so the area was also familiar to him. This concludes that he didn’t drown because he was having difficulty swimming but there is a different reason why he decided to stay in the water and not go back up. Maybe he saw an undiscovered sea creature and wanted to observe it. The truth will never be known.

    Apart from Rachel’s past, at the same time she is facing many issues with her best friend, Henry. Before she moved, she gave a letter to Henry saying that she loved him and his girlfriend, Amy didn’t deserve him. Unfortunately he never got the letter since Amy misplaced it purposely. What was the point of giving a letter with very personal information? When someone likes another person, they should verbally say what they need them to know otherwise they will be seen as a coward. Plus, it wasn’t like they only saw each other once in awhile, they saw each other everyday. After she moved, Henry would send her a lengthy letter weekly but Rachel wouldn’t reply to them because she thought that he was just ignoring her feelings for him. When a person doesn’t communicate verbally, many misunderstandings can occur like Rachel and Henry’s situation. Eventually, Rachel moves back to her old town as she realizes she needs help with her depression. Her aunt tells her about a job offer from Henry’s family’s bookshop. Rachel declines it many times, but after some time she accepts it. Why? Maybe she still loves him and likes the thought that Henry and her could work it out another time. Rachel and Henry slowly become close after many scenes of fighting and ignoring each other. Throughout the novel, Henry is trying to win Amy back not knowing what is in front of him. Does Rachel get back together with Henry despite the fact that he loves Amy? You have to read the book to find out.

    Cath Crowley does an excellent job with expressing many universal themes which can be related to everyone. This books gives hope to all those people who are suffering from a loss of a loved one and need assistance on how to change their life back around since after a loved one’s death, things can never be the same but we can try to make them better. It also shows how much people can forget that they have a life of their own since they are always mourning over their loss. They need to make sure that they enjoy every single moment because they can’t change their past but can make their future.