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Book Review: Vanished

    In many modern mystery books there is often a suspense factor within it. This book not only had the suspense factor, but it also had a plot line that made the reader feel as though they have developed a relationship with the character.

   Vanished by Meg Cabot not only had the mysterious plot line that is required in every mystery book, it had many different scenarios that created suspense. Cabot also developed her characters in a way that was relatable even when the scenario was not. Each character that Cabot created had at least one quality about them that was relatable to the reader. The way that Cabot developed her characters made the reader relate to each individual character in a different way. For example, one of Cabot’s characters is Jessica Mastrini. I related to Jessica through the sense of strength that she had throughout the novel. Although Jessica was often told that she would have to do something, she refused to accept what others wanted her to do based on her own will, and her desire to protect her family.  Jessica is a teenager not much older than seventeen, and yet she has the strength to determine her own future without listening to the feedback that other people are giving her. Another example of relatable character development throughout the novel is shown in the character of Mark Leskowski, Jessica’s boyfriend. Mark is relatable in a different way that Jessica is. The relatable characteristic that Cabot gives to Mark is that he is very loyal to Jessica. The reader gets to witness first hand the loyalty that Mark has for Jessica through the amount of hectic adventures that they go on together. Everytime that Jessica was in danger, or could potentially be in danger, Mark would be there ready to do anything that he could to try and protect her.

   Vanished is not like any other mystery book that I have read, and one of the many differences is that the plot line is not just based on one story or adventure. In many different mystery books there has been one general story that gets more detailed as the story continues. In Vanished by Meg Cabot, there are four large mysteries that need to be solved, and also the addition of a teenage girl trying to figure to how she fits into society. Each mystery requires not only the talents of a teenage girl, but also her average, everyday boyfriend. Jessica may have special talents that Mark does not, but he brings something completely different, yet necessary, to every investigation and adventure. Mark listens to what Jessica tells him based on the situation, and he brings a type of strategy and thought into each investigation. That is one of the many reasons why this book is so spectacular. Cabot adds depth and meaning to each individual adventure that they go on throughout the book. This is one of the many reasons that Meg Cabot’s book is so different, yet great.