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Book Review: Always

    A plethora of love stories are published yearly, and each one includes its own unique set of amusing characters, challenging conflicts, contrasting circumstances, and tear-jerking endings. The same components apply to the novel Always, by Sarah Jio, who is recognized as a bestselling author by The New York Times. Aside from the book Always, Jio is known for her two other love stories Blackberry Winter and The Violets of March.

    More importantly, the book reveals the lengths Kailey Crane will go to in order to help her true love, Cade McAllister. Furthermore, Kailey and Cade have an immediate spark when they meet each other, which sets the tone for their almost perfect relationship. Ten years after Kailey and Cade’s relationship abruptly ends, with no contact between the two since, Kailey is engaged to a wealthy, kind, and loving fiance named Ryan, and is a journalist for a local newspaper in Seattle. However, similar to most people whose relationship ends before their love for each other does, Kailey can’t refrain herself from helping Cade get back up on his feet after she finds him begging for food on the street with no memory of how he fell from being quite a notable music producer.

    Due to the predictable storyline, I do not consider this book to be exceptional. Regardless, it does not drag on, which makes it a pleasant, page-turning read. I think that this book is a good fit for readers who enjoy love stories that are slightly on the sappy side. I would also recommend this book to an emotional reader because this story is an emotional roller coaster. I truly admire that through this story the author hints to her readers to be aware of the difficulties homeless people face. Additionally, the importance of helping out not only those who are close to us, but the community as a whole is conveyed throughout this book. Jio emphasizes the idea that we all need someone to help us when we are unable to help ourselves. Furthermore, I believe that the character Kailey plays a big role in why I am so fond of this book. I am able to relate to Kailey, because in high school people go through many different friends, and like her, even when I lose touch with a friend, I don’t stop caring about them and being there for them when they need me. This quality is greatly shown in the book when Kailey helps and cares for Cade when she finds him on the streets after ten years of not speaking. To conclude, I admire this book, because I am able to take away more lessons than a typical love story would leave a reader with.