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From jumbling Ewoks to miscellaneous droids, the Star Wars universe encompasses the four corners of imagination, filling our minds to the brim with a fantasy world that we not only look upon but feel as if we are a part of. This is why Star Wars is so endearing to hundreds of thousands of die heart fans from around the world. With the new Star Wars movie in theaters, there has been an awakening in the force that drives people to the movies. The new film features “everything old new again”. The same basic plot is there, with an evil superweapon, new shoes following the footsteps of the old, and a droid holding vital information. Now this new droid, BB-8, made quite a splash when it was first seen on the trailer for the movie. People were inexplicably drawn to this cute little spheroid. His endearing shape drew throngs of supporters and BB-8 fans. One of the major fears of the new Star Wars was that the director, JJ Abrams, would rely too much on CGI instead of staying with the traditional real set and people. Abrams has allayed these fears, keeping with the older style. The production designer of the movie, Darren Gilford said “J.J.’s mandate from day one was authenticity and being as true to the original trilogy as possible.” Fans believed that BB-8 was simply a CGI created robot, but they were proved wrong when a full sized BB-8, rolled onto the stage in front of hundreds of hyped fans. Abrams discusses the decision to create a real BB-8, “There were a lot of discussions about how having a CG BB-8 would be so much easier, but we also knew it would be better for the film, for the actors, for the sets, for the look of it, if it were performed.” Creating the BB-8 droid was a huge chasm that needed to be bridged. In concept, a rolling robot with a head that stays upright seems simple, however it is quite the opposite of that. Large amounts of engineering and design went into the creation of BB-8. Complex computers and extensive gyroscopic systems work together inside the robot to keep it upright and moving in the correct direction. This marvel perfectly exemplifies the reasoning behind the renewal of Star Wars; bring everything old into the lives of new generation. Star Wars is now poised to define a whole generation, a new hope.