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Why I’m With Her

The presidential elections are coming up soon, and there is a contentious race between Clinton and Trump.  One of these candidates graduated from Yale Law School, spent 8 years in the White House as First Lady, served as a Senator from New York State and was the Secretary of State of the United States of America.  The other candidate, in simple terms, is an angry, white real-estate businessman who has no experience in politics.

            Although both candidates are doing well in the polls, there is clearly a candidate better fit for presidency.  Hillary Clinton is much more experienced, and she champions some very important causes.  She works hard for the Global Health Initiative to reduce infant mortality rates and strengthen health systems in developing countries.  As a feminist in a patriarchal society, I see Clinton working very hard for what all feminists want:  equality.  She brings issues like equal pay and domestic violence to the table, and she uses her position as a leading politician to address these issues.  She also represents the nation as a whole through her fight for affordable health care.

            Clinton, if President, wants to fix our immigration issues.  She wants to bring families together and offer more eligible foreigners the chance to immigrate to the United States for better opportunities.  She also wants to strengthen foreign policy.  As Secretary of State, she restored America’s leadership in the world, and as president, she will continue to do a great job defending the US by strengthening the military and established alliances, forming new international partnerships, and defeating ISIS in the same way she aided in the defeat of Bin Laden.

            Contrary to what Donald Trump thinks, Clinton has the perfect temperament for presidency, and her debates exhibited her patience, clarity, poise, and confidence.  I want her, and only her to have possession of the nuclear codes, not some man who gets angry every time something doesn’t go his way.