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Why I Think Donald Trump Should Be The Next President

America is in a terrible place in the world right now and no one has done anything to

change it. We, as a country, are 19.3 trillion dollars in debt and the number is rising. Other

countries in the world are cheating us out of money we deserve and as a whole, America is

being pushed over. We need someone to take control that knows how to work with money and

can get us back into the game. Who would be better to help us reestablish our position at the

top of the world rankings other than the most powerful businessman in America, Mr. Trump


Over the years, America has been losing countless dollars though poor trade deals.

These trade agreements are being made by people that have no idea how to make profit. With

Trump appointing and helping new officials, trade agreements that will benefit America will be

made. We have trade deals that allow other countries to tax us when we import their goods, but

when they import ours, there is no tax. This is absolutely pointless. We end up paying more

money in imports than we make from exports: piling us further under our own debt. An intelligent

country trades with another so that both benefit at the end, not just one. I know Trump can help

us to make better deals because he has arguably one of the best set of negotiation skills in the

world. He essentially wrote the best business books known as “The Art of the Deal,” where he

explains his tactics, and we know they work because of his success. Because our trade deals

and tax system are so poor, many American companies move their manufacturing to other

countries, like China, in order to save tons of money.

Why are jobs leaving America? Because larger American companies buy smaller foreign

companies and make the newly bought company location their own. These companies do this in

order to be taxed according to the foreign country’s’ tax system rather than our own. Our current

tax system requires up to 35% of corporate tax while other countries like China re significantly

less, at up to 25%. Any intelligent businessman would take their company out of America to

maximize profits, but this hurts America. This takes jobs away from the American people

because now instead of giving jobs to Americans, it gives jobs to people in other countries.

Trump wants to reduce corporate tax to keep jobs from leaving. If we keep jobs from leaving,

then we will decrease the poverty rate.

I also agree with Trumps immigration policies. I believe immigrants are destroying the

economy in that they are not paying taxes, and feeding off of the working class. Some may call

this racist, and associate Trump with the Know-Nothing Party of old, but each time Trump

makes a controversial remark, the stats back him up. As reported by Fox News, 87% of illegal

immigrant families are on welfare and 72% of legal immigrants are also on welfare. If America

could restrict immigration even the slightest bit, it will help us slowly rise out of debt.

Donald Trump is not your ordinary politician. We have had many normal politicians

become president and look where that has brought us. We need someone that knows how to

make money because money is the key to success in today’s world. The world is business, and

Donald Trump knows business. If we continue to elect the same type of people into the White

House, how could we expect change? Trump vows to make America great again, and I trust him

to do so.