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Who’s to Blame: Homework or Procrastination?

As many students at Shaker and all over the state know, homework can be a difficult and time consuming process that may take hours to complete. We’re no strangers to homework since many of us have been receiving it since we were barely out of our diapers, but many agree that each year the amount of homework given increases.

Countless students, including myself at times, have struggled with managing their time so they can fit studying and doing all of their assignments into their busy schedules. It’s nearly impossible to fit in the time when so many are involved in afterschool commitments such as clubs, sports teams, volunteering, afterschool music programs, dance practice- the list goes on and on. More often than not, students must stay up late to finish everything they need to before they can even think about going to bed.

However, the question that I and many other students my age tend to think about is, do we really need to have this much homework? Granted, not all classes tend to bury students in assignments, but it is an undeniable fact that sometimes it can’t be helped. It may seem like I am over exaggerating the amount of homework we students are getting, but in some ways, I’m not.

Take for example, the daily schedule at one of the students at Shaker High School. Her daily life consists of waking up at 6 a.m., going to school until 2:17 p.m., staying after school usually until 4 p.m., and then going home so she can practice her musical instrument and finish up all of the homework she has until about 12 a.m. In a schedule like that, there’s almost no time to relax!

This student does admit, however, that most of the reason she takes so long to get everything done is because she is somewhat of an extreme procrastinator. Yes, there is a good amount of homework to do, but she blames most of the reason of why she tends to stay up so late partly because of how she often strays from the everyday schedule she has set up. But, who could blame her? I’m sure many of us are known procrastinators ourselves whether we choose to admit it or not, and it is much easier to blame everything on the fact that “we have no time” or “we’re too busy with our clubs, sports, etc.”

But in all seriousness, with enough determination and focus, there is no doubt in my mind that students can find enough time to fit their homework into their lives. Not to say you should have no life outside of school, but learning to balance the time you have wisely and efficiently is just a part of one of the many lessons we learn in school.

If there’s one lesson you learn from all this, it should be that the next time you’re debating  whether or not to start your homework now or “later,” which usually means 2 minutes before class starts,  always chose do it now, because in the end, homework isn’t always the problem. Procrastination is to be blamed.