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As much as I’d like to pretend that I was perfectly confident walking into Shaker High School on the first day of school, in reality I was nervous and apprehensive for my first day as a freshman. Soon, I found out that I was silly to have been worrying so much. Shaker High School’s welcoming atmosphere suppressed my worries and positively greeted me before school even started. This made my high school experience great, right from the very beginning.

On freshman orientation day, I probably would have wandered the school for hours if not for the people eagerly waiting to help us confused freshman.  From the guidance counselors to the members of student government, everyone greeted me with smiles and made me feel like a part of the Shaker High School community. As my friends and I walked through the hallways, finding our classes and trying to pretend like we knew where we were going, the friendly people of student government approached us and asked us if we needed any help (which we needed a lot of). After leaving orientation, not only did I find out where all my classes were and received helpful tips like “There’s no lower B,” I also gained a new confidence as I prepared to enter my new high school life.

This brings us to the first day of school, which is only just the beginning of another year of new experiences and crazy memories. We went from class to class, secretly envious of the 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who already knew the school. The wonderful teachers stood outside of their classrooms, willing to help anyone who needed it. If we were late to class, they were very understanding.

After about a week or so of going to school, I had mastered my way around, but soon I was faced with another challenge: it was time for me to master the art of managing my time.