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Time to Get Organized

Getting organized in your daily life can seem difficult, but it’s in a way simple. These skills can be learned by just about everybody. Getting organized and managing your time isn’t boring; it is a valuable life skill that can lead to your future success.  It can allow a person more control of their time and life. That would be a great improvement for our soon-to-be graduates and the not-too-distant graduates.

In any and possibly everybody’s busy, hectic, and frantic activities, pledges, promises, and assignments, they want some free time– a period of time to breath, catch up on what is going on around you, stop and smell that crispy autumn air whip around you with the leaves following suit. By getting papers and projects all alphabetized rearranged by due dates, and step-by-step plans on how to finish the assignment, a person could have more free time along with less stress. That person could shave hours even days on assignments by just filing and managing time.

When papers along with notecards are separated into course, subjects, and sub-subjects, then they would be faster and easier to find and study when the big unit tests gradually approaches. There would be more room in your locker, binder, folder, and even your room. That is room you could use for anything your heart so desired (within reason of course).

Having all your workdays, homework/project due dates, and activities scheduled can look like a mess of things that can ultimately lead to stress and mental exhaustion. By getting a planner or anything similar, you can arrange the days to look neater, look more manageable, allow yourself to make a time frame for free time, and make sure nothing overlaps the other. By doing this, you won’t have to worry if you forgot something because you’ll have it written down and with you, thus putting your mind at ease with everything that is going on in your life.

A majority of this article has been about mental and educational benefits, but getting organized can also be beneficial to your social life. By creating all this free time, you can plan to do something with your friends, and it would have no effect on your other responsibilities.

By taking no more than an hour and a half a day once a week to get this

process set up, you could do nothing but help yourself prepare for the future.