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The Subjectiveness of Grading: Why Math is the Fairest Subject

What makes an essay an A+, or what makes a painting a 100? I can honestly say that I don’t know. Even when teachers grade with rubrics, the final grade is still based on their personal opinion. Not everything can be forced into the metaphorical boxes of a rubric-based grading system. Then again, some teachers don’t even grade with rubrics.

For subjects such as art or English, grading is simply based on the opinions of the teacher. Every teacher has different opinions, so how can a “fair” grade be guaranteed? Grades in these subjects are so subjective.

In these subjects, different teachers have different views and will grade completely differently. To some extent, there can be a “good” and a “bad.” However, everyone has a different taste, so there really is no way to say what is considered good, other than how specific people feel about the matter. For example, in the eyes of one English teacher, an essay may be a mere 85, but to a different teacher, it could be a 99. This is because teachers often weigh different aspects of an essay differently. By this I mean that some teachers may be very focused on details, when others look for conciseness. Another example would be in art, where some art teachers love to be precise, but others like things to be loose and a bit more on the messy side.

Although math may not be my most favorite subject, I feel very compelled to say that it is the most just, when it comes to grading. In math, you either get the right answer, or the wrong answer– it’s as easy as that. It’s as if the world of math is black or white, with no inbetween grey area.

Some may argue that math eradicates creativity. I for one disagree with this because in math there are many ways to get to the same answer. The thought process for a single math problem may be very complex. Although there is a definite right or wrong, there is not a right or wrong way to arrive at a certain problem. I find that math encourages creativity because it teaches students to think for themselves by finding their own way to reach a solution.

Math is the fairest subject because of its objectiveness. It is a truly impartial subject in a world of subjective subjects.