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The End of Paper Assignments?


The start of school is always the same general affair. Supply lists usually consist of notebooks, binders, and folders of various colors for each class. However new advances in technology may allow phones and the internet to these replace these old school essentials. Google has created a new program called Google Classroom that is taking many schools, including Shaker, by storm. The app allows teachers to upload and assign work directly to students and have it be completed and turned in all online. This not only eliminates the need for excessive amounts of paper, but makes it easier for students and teachers alike to keep track of assignments. Students will no longer have to worry about forgetting an assignment at home or school because it will always be accessible through a phone or computer. It is also beneficial to teens specifically because instead of writing out all your answers by hand, you are able to type them in a way that’s similar to texting. This could help homework get done faster than it would normally. Teachers are a fan of classroom as well because it helps speed up the grading process. The computer has the ability to automatically grade assignments and give feedback to students as soon as possible. As great as this new app sounds, most students are loathsome of the service all together. Some say that it’s inconvenient for them. Since the internet is so vast and filled with all sorts of websites and documents, it’s easy for your assignment to get lost. It causes a lot less worry and paranoia about your work not getting to your teacher if the physical copy is in your possession. Also, some argue that it’s easier to go back to assignments to study from when the copy with all answers is in your binder with the rest of the notes relating to that subject. Often times once you submit something through Google Classroom it becomes in accessible leaving you unable to look back at your work. Regardless of personal opinions, Google Classroom is something that will be begin being used more and more frequently throughout the rest of schooling. It has its advantages and disadvantages but one things for sure, Google Classroom is the starting point of the future of learning, and the potential end of binders and notebooks.