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The Brain

The brain. The almighty powerhouse of the body. Without our brain, we would be a glob of fat and bones. Oh wait, without our brain, our body would not have bones or fat. True, the brain does not just help us live; it also helps us with a LOT of other things.
What stood out to me most was the fact that a stressed brain can’t function the same way as an unstressed one. Yeah, yeah. I’ve had my fair amount of research on the brain and occasionally it’s just the body with adrenaline, but I’ve figured out that the body works like the brain. When the brain is stressed, the body is also stressed. People bite their nails, pull their hair, or even yet, pluck their eyebrows! Well, I’ll tell you this. There’s no benefit of plucking your eyebrows out to relieve stress. Later on, without the stress, you’ll see your bare forehead– without your brows.
Exercise boosts brainpower you say? I’ve got that one covered. As a lover of running, I run almost daily. After every run, I’m hyper, more affable, and can easily slip into my studies. Couch potatoes have a hard time getting off the couch once they’re in the so-called “zone.” I call it the “the zone of doom.” When I’m on the couch, every muscle seems to leave my body, making me tired. I don’t want to get up, and I procrastinate until there is no time left to procrastinate. Exercise also releases endorphins that make you happy, which will benefit you by making you want to study more.

Staying up late into the night and waking up early has always been easy for me. But for my parents, they would rather have me sleep than study. A perk of sleeping early is that you’ll think better and your body will be better rested. Your brain will be clearer, and you’ll be able to retain more information. Another reason why my parents are so annoyed at my late night studying is because I talk out loud to myself. I pace the little space I have in my room, repeating the information of the next day’s test over and over again until I myself get dizzy from repeating it. Not just the pacing. I engrain it into my head until I can repeat the same information to someone. But you should  gradually store it into your brain; too much information at once will cause a traffic jam in the endless streets of your brain. Repeating and remembering is the key to memorization.
Multitasking? Running errands, calling, and shopping at the same time. The preordained belief is that multitasking makes your work ethic slower. It’s true up to a certain point of when you are doing something important like studying for tests and writing reports, but everyday life is not affected by multitasking. In the morning when you’re in a rush and catching the school bus, you want to do everything at a rapid pace. While I’m getting ready for school, everything is done simultaneously, and the results are much faster when I multitask, letting things run at the same time. Occasionally, the sockets blow because of the excess amount of energy going through. But that’s ok.
Daily life is based on survival with the brain. What would I do without it?