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When I was a freshman, the only thing I knew about Student Government was its meaning. I’m talking dictionary definition here. It sounded scary and big and unknown to me. When I was a sophomore, I heard enough to understand that Student Government organized the Homecoming. Then when I was a junior, I finally joined the club and learned that Homecoming wasn’t all that they did. I went to many events, and worked hard to be a part of the homeroom the following year. And as I had hoped, I was accepted to the homeroom in my senior year. But I really learned the definition of Student Government after that.

Why am I even talking about this? I just don’t want people to be clueless. I also want to reach out to freshman and sophomores out there and fill them with some knowledge about their school. Many people think that things we do magically appear. Hallways magically get decorated; the pep rally just happens. I love to break it to you, but that is the magic of Student Government. Think of this as me telling you how one makes a movie, or how a scientist proves a theory. This is how Student Government does what it does.

The hardest job is really planning and coordinating everything. That’s what the co-chairs do. They’re the ones with the most weight on their shoulders. Secretary is the club’s messenger whose job is to make sure the members know what’s going on. And trust me there is always a lot going on in Student Government. So to say these people have responsible roles is really an understatement. Let’s start with Homecoming, shall we?

Every Homecoming, member gets assigned to a committee. The first committee deals with spirit week; they count the members votes to find the most popular choice. They check in with the school principal to make sure spirit day options are school appropriate. Then they advertise the final choices. The second committee is in charge of finding chaperones for the dance, going around the school and getting signatures from teachers who are willing to volunteer for the night. The third committee is the hallway decorations. They plan what to buy according to the budget they are given. They plan where, when and how to decorate the parts of the school. This is a tricky thing to do because there is certain fire codes that needs to be followed, things like not hanging anything from the ceilings, or not blocking doorways. The fourth committee is banners and posters, which ties in with the decorations. The 150 members that we have get together and put their artistic skills into work with their school spirit. The fifth Committee plans the dance ticket sales, and the design of the tickets. Tickets are sold at lunch the week of the dance, which is also watched by student government members. The sixth committee is dance decorations; they make sure the dance has enough glamour to make it a shiny night. The seventh is mostly done by the broadcasting club. Yep, I’m talking about speakers and music, and DJ here, both in the pep rally and the dance. The eighth committee is window painting; I don’t know if you noticed but there is a lot of windows in Shaker High School. It’ clearly an obvious and easy way to show school spirit. The other thing is clean-up. Again, things don’t magically appear or disappear. We have to clean up everything after the homecoming week. And last but not least is the homecoming court; they’re the ones who count 2000 votes and figure out who the king and queen of Shaker High School shall be…

Now that’s just Homecoming in general; I didn’t even go into detail. But that’s not the only thing we do. “What?!!! There is more?” Yes, my friends, we’re just getting started.

We have a Veterans Day Memorial, a Veterans Day walk, and a leadership conference right after the Homecoming. But Catwalk is the next big event that we do. I’m sure everyone on Earth knows what ALS ice-bucket challenge is at this point. No one knew what ALS was before that. Catwalk is a fashion walk event planned to raise money to donate to ALS cure foundation. It’s a really fun event where you get to be a model for a night and dress up, put makeup on, and walk down the stage in the Shaker High School auditorium. We acquire the donations from the bake sale at the front and entrance fees parents and students pay to see the show. It makes us very happy to know we help in some way to find a cure for this disease at Shaker High School.

What else do we do? We help the freshman in the freshman orientation. We help parents on Parents’ Night. We sell candy canes during the holidays. We move desks during midterms and the finals. We decorate the hallways for the holidays. We sell carnations on Valentine’s Day. We organize a dodge-ball tournament. We help little kids with their homework in the town library. We help tutor ESL kids in the elementary schools. We attend PTA meetings, and North Colonie School District meetings and Colonie Town Board meetings and speak on behalf of Shaker High School. We give guided tours to new students. We organize senior awards. We help out at the senior graduation. Seriously, we do it all….

With Student Government, you can really say you have lived in high school, and not just survived through it. Now you know Student Government is the one making the magic. However cliché that might sound, it is one hundred percent true. And if you want to be a part of this magic, it is never too late to join.