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Senior Year

Being a senior is like turning the page to the last chapter in a book and this year we will finish the first trilogy of our lives. I guess you could name the first book many things, childhood, youth, innocence, early years, whatever suits you, I mean we all have different lives after all. But I know that the theme for the next book will definitely be adulthood. Leaving high school to go to college doesn’t just mean starting another school. It means responsibility, it means you are officially an adult. Because now, you can get your full license, live on your own, have the right to vote, apply for credit cards, and find better jobs. Isn’t it fascinating that high school seniors are expected to become adults in a two-month gap between graduation and the start of college?  In fact, I think many people haven’t realized this yet, but it is the reality of the future.

I think I’m excited to live this year to its fullest by going to every event, whether it be the homecoming dance, football game, Halloween parade, catwalk, prom, and etc. I’m also sad to know that this is really it, the last moments we get to have in high school. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely looking forward to going to college, and meeting new people. But it’s never easy to say goodbye to something that have become a part of who you are. Shaker is our second home after all. We spend one third of our days in this place. A lot of us say “I just want it to be done”, or “I’m so done with high school”. It’s not rare to hear these phrases. I say them too, I can’t lie. But it doesn’t have anything to do with Shaker; it’s the anticipation we all have to be independent and to control our lives. After repeating the same routine over and over again for four years, one tends to get pretty tired. We need a change in our lives, to start fresh. All I can say is senior year is a swirl of emotions, and from now on, our lives are about to change more than they ever have. Good luck to all of you!