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Science Research

As you navigate down the halls of Shaker High School, past Taft Cafeteria, the Media Center, and lower K-wing, you’ll find yourself at the entrance of J-Wing. On the door just to your right, you might see a ghost gushing (fake) blood from its face, or a note that says “Sweat Collecting in F Gym.” Inside lies one of the quirkiest and inspiring parts of Shaker High School.

J103 isn’t just a Biology room. It’s also home to about 30 students enrolled in perhaps the most dynamic class at Shaker High School, Science Research. The name itself sounds daunting and a bit out of reach, but enrolled students are just normal Shaker Students. Science research is a unique program in our school that allows students to come up with projects and novel research ideas and then carry them out at local research facilities with the help of actual scientists. Students read scientific journal articles to understand the background of their research and develop proposed solutions to the problems they are attempting to solve. This program is almost entirely dependent on individual initiative and interest, making the class an invaluable opportunity for self-improvement. Each student works on their own projects both inside and outside of school. Students have worked on solutions to Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer treatments, supercapacitors, pharmaceutical drug reactions, and many more. Each facet of science is represented and students have the opportunity to pursue interests from deep space astronomy all the way to complex mathematical studies.

A large part of why the program is so successful is the teacher that drives the students. Mr. Covert (the teacher at the helm of the science research program) has a vast array of knowledge for incoming (as well as veteran) students, with advice that ranges from minor project tweaks to long-winded metaphors stemming from past trips to Nicaragua.. Always searching for new perspectives on problems, he shows students that there are often multiple ways to go about finding solutions. Covert constantly encourages and inspires students to go the extra mile in order to push their projects closer to their fullest potential. As hardworking as the students are in his classes, Mr. Covert always reciprocates. He is always ready to lend an ear and a mind to help students with roadblocks or problems, and always expresses a genuine interest in everyone’s project. He truly wants to see every student succeed, and tirelessly works to help them make their dreams a reality.

Explore your passions and find your niche with one of the most diverse and hardworking groups of students at Shaker High School. If you are interested in pursuing science and wish to explore your interests then science research might be what you are looking for! Scientific research is demanding but the intellectual return on investment is significant. Imagine creating something never seen before that will influence countless people, or solving a problem that will allow humanity to reach new heights. This is what Science Research students are doing every day: changing the world for the better so that each day is better than the last, using science!

So come on down one day, past the cafeteria, down the hall, behind the library, into the cozy embrace of J103 to learn about what you can do to change the course of humanity!