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Overcome Your Stress

Have you experienced the stress of having a bad teacher or a class you hate? Have you been in a relationship that caused a lot of stress? By looking at the fictitious story of a typical high school girl, most of the stresses of teenage life are revealed.

Well, from one of those fictitious stories, a teenage girl named Sandra experienced this many times in her life. She also shared everything with her best friend, Brittany. When Sandra went to high school as a freshman, she was pretty excited; she always thought about her new teachers and her new classes. Sandra’s excitement was as if she was flying in the air. Her freshman year studies were not that tough for her. She was even on the girls’ varsity soccer team. As she moved forward with her sophomore and junior year, her life was getting tougher because she didn’t like math class. Each year, math become more difficult, although she didn’t give up. Instead of blaming the teacher or becoming angry, Sandra decided to work harder, go to her teacher for extra help, and not give up.

Just being determined was not enough, though. When Sandra tried to concentrate on her schoolwork, she could not focus on other things like soccer. She started having trouble with her family. Sandra could not concentrate on school or sports because her parents were fighting. She always wanted to have a peaceful and happy family. Sandra was getting depressed. One of her best friends, Brittany, suggested she should see a psychologist. Brittany told Sandra to tell the psychologist what she was going through and feeling about her issues. After she went to a few sessions with the psychologist, Sandra became much better and she was overcoming with her stress.

So, what could a teenager learn from Sandra’s story? A teenager reading Sandra’s story could learn that by giving some time to your parents, you can understand them and yourself better. A student could also learn that stress can be overcome by focusing on one’s studies. If you are getting stressed about your studies, then stay after with a teacher to get extra help. Teachers are there to help you improve. Study each subject for at least one hour. Always have a goal in your mind so that you can do something good in the future. Have some faith in yourself and never give up. You can either talk to an older person who is trustworthy or go to a psychologist.

While I was researching about stress, I found in a WebMD article that you can overcome your stress in a variety of ways. For example, in the article it said, “you can overcome your stress by drinking water, exercising, eating food, reading a book, listening to music, having a good discussion with a friend, going to a peaceful place, spending time with a friend, or talking with a psychologist.” These treatments can reduce your stress and make you feel better.

Based on the WebMD article and several interviews I conducted, I conclude that stress can be overcome and that your life can become easier. Even in Sandra’s case, at the end she did overcome her stress. If you have faith in yourself and believe that you can do anything, then you can lead yourself into a successful future and can overcome your stress.