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Every day in the morning, we have midmorning from 10:13AM to 10:28AM. During midmorning, we can go to our lockers to prepare for our next classes, go to the bathroom, talk to teachers, talk to friends, and accomplish many other things. We could do these tasks, but there just isn’t enough time to do so. 15 minutes may sound like a long amount of time, but we often find ourselves running out of time to do anything during midmorning.

If we subtract the maximum amount of time it would take to go from our period 3 class to our destination, lockers, for example, that would be at most 5 minutes, which is the time given to us to go from class to class. Therefore, from the 15 minutes of midmorning, we would have to subtract at most 10 minutes, taking into mind the 5 minutes it would theoretically take us from wherever to our period 4 class. That gives us 5 minutes to do everything we need to – theoretically, that is. It usually does not take 5 minutes to go from class to class, or class to locker. Thus, we would end up having anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes of midmorning. However, for those of us who have class and their lockers at least around 3 minutes of walking time apart from each other, it is difficult to do everything we need to during midmorning. For example, I have to walk very quickly to go to my locker after my period 3 class (J hall to C hall) in order to get prepared for the next classes, go to the bathroom, and get something to eat. I feel very rushed, and have very little time to do anything else, like study or print out materials for other classes. Another student I talked to said that she goes to the bathroom and then her locker, and by then, the bell for period 4 class has already rung.

If we could have a few more minutes added onto midmorning, we could even have time to talk to our teachers about varying matters on top of going to the bathroom and the locker. Those few minutes may end up delaying the end of the school day, but a few minutes to do everything during midmorning may be more beneficial than getting out of school exactly at 2:17PM. Or, to avoid ending school later than needed, the few minutes could be added to midmorning by taking out time from homeroom.