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Is the iPhone X Worth It?

On November 3, Apple did what they do best: they launched yet another iPhone.

But, this time it was different. The iPhone X was a very highly anticipated phone that

supposedly pushed all iPhone boundaries. Costing between $1000-1150, it is the most

expensive iPhone to ever be put on the market. With sky-high prices, is this iPhone

really worth its money?

Todd Haselton from CNBC received an iPhone X from Apple to review, and he was

overall very pleased with the phone. Haselton claimed that one of the best features was

the screen that almost completely covered the front of the phone, saying it was “the best

display…ever seen in a smartphone”. Although Samsung phones had been towards the

top of the best displays in smartphones, Apple adapted Samsung’s screen design and

added its own features. The screen shows the most accurate colors in all types of lighting,

sharp features (especially when watching movies or videos), and displays everything with

noticeably better detail compared to previous iPhones. Something else to notice is the

improved camera quality as well.

There’s also the Face ID, a new upgrade from the Fingerprint ID. This seems to be

a surprisingly advanced system that works well. Haselton says that setup takes only a

couple seconds, and that the iPhone will not unlock if you aren’t looking at it. The phone

will only open when it sees that you are looking at it to open, so that you aren’t

accidentally unlocking your phone every time it’s near your face. Winston Sih from MSN

says the Facial Recognition is “effortless”. It can adapt to any facial changes, such has

facial hair or makeup. The system maps 30,000 invisible points over your face as you set

it up, to accurately capture it.

Some additional features with positive feedback include fast wireless charging, a

dazzling all-glass body with steel sides, and its water resistance- tested without error for

up to thirty minutes in five feet of water.

Despite these mostly positive things about the iPhone, however, there are some

setbacks to take note of. First, the full screen means that there is no home button. Yes,

you heard me. The iconic iPhone home button is no more. Instead, users will have to learn a new set of movements and gestures to replace the functions that the home button

performed. This may be a little frustrating at first, reaching down to go back to the home

page but finding no button, but you can get used to this fairly quickly. Something else that

was noticed by Todd Haselton is that the iPhone X got very warm after using it for about

half an hour. Although it could be a minute detail, it could be a little bothersome,

especially if you are one who constantly uses your phone for extended periods of time.

Another setback was that not all of the apps are updated for the iPhone X yet, meaning

that there will be little black bars above and below some apps when in use. But, this will

probably soon be fixed with time. Lastly, it is quite costly, as you probably saw from the

price earlier described. This thing isn’t cheap- so when you accidentally drop it down the

stairs, your parents probably won’t be as forgiving.

So, now that we’ve seen some of the facts, is this iPhone really worth it? Well,

there really is no definite answer since it’s based on personal preference. To those who

want the best smartphone available on the market or rely on their phone for everything

and can afford the price, the iPhone X is definitely a good choice. This iPhone is loaded

with Apple’s latest technology, and has some pretty cool features, so if you want the best,

the iPhone X is there. But, for those who really don’t care about having the latest or the

greatest phone, it’s probably smart to save yourself (or your parents) some money by

going with another phone. There are still great options out there, other iPhones or

Samsung devices that won’t break the bank, if you’re just looking for a functioning phone.

If you are seriously considering this phone, the best idea is definitely to research about it

and to go to a nearby Apple store to check it out!